My trip to berlin


From april 12th to the 20th,I went to Berlin{#} for a linguistic study. I spoke English with a german during one week. After 22 hours in a bus, we arrive to berlin. I went to my penfreind and I discoverd his family.

His family was very nice {#}. My penfreind (Luca)'s father works in a restaurant in a stadium (the O2), and his mother {#} works in a banks. He has one dog,call Diego. At him, always the TV was switch on, on footbal canal{#}. His family likes football and his big brother in a professional football player in the Herta Berlin.

The next day, I went to a sports complex beacause my penfreind had a fotball match. He is very good, and his teem to. He doesn't want to play in the Herta Berlin beacause he doesn't like the extreme competition. I hopde to he set a goal, but he didn't do it{#}. After, we went to berlin and I visited the towet of the victtory - in German,Sieglesaǘle, and at the top of that tower, I saw Berlin, and a lot of monuments like the Reichstag, or the Television tower, and a lot of thigs.



In Berlin, dring the day, I visited a lot of thing: East Side Gallery, the Brandeburg, the Reichstag, the concentration camp of Ravensbrùk...         But we made shopping, in streets of Berlin.


During the trip, we made a lot of thigs with germans. We made a party to the bowling in the comercial center. In that comercial center, there are a cinema, a bowling, restaurants, and shops of course. The last evening, my penfeind take myself to a basket ball match, it was great{#}.

But at the end of our tip, we had to come back home{#} to begin our holidays. But I will remember this very good trip thanks frère Fontaine{#} who perpare it and I was very happy of my journey{#}.


mardi 28 mai 2013 19:02

Trip to Berlin

Blog de dnljbmax : Maximilien and JB's blog, Trip to Berlin

At the beginning of the year, german penfriends went to Rennes. Two weeks ago, it was our turn to go in Germany in Berlin.

So on Friday 12th, february we left Rennes at 7:00 pm... After 22hours in the bus, we arrived at our penpal's school in Berlin. There, we met for the first time our families.

The next day, after a good night, with my family, I went to football pitch  for see my penfriend play a football match. Unfortunately, he didn't win the match and he didn't score a goal.

After this match, with the family I went in a park and we ate the lunch. Then just next this park, I discovered a very tall tower and I went at the top of it . It was the Siegessaüle (or tower of  the victory). At the top of the tower I saw a lot of monuments and things. It was a very good and cool moment. {#}

Blog de dnljbmax : Maximilien and JB's blog, Trip to Berlin


The other day of the week, with the group, we visited Berlin and we discovered monuments again and again. At first we saw Berlin's wall, the O2 stadium then Check Point Charly, Brandenburg Gate, the Olympic Stadium (where we took photos), the castle Sans-Souci, the camp of Ravensbruck ... and many other things. It were very intersting visits !!! {#} 

Blog de dnljbmax : Maximilien and JB's blog, Trip to Berlin

                       Blog de dnljbmax : Maximilien and JB's blog, Trip to Berlin 

But we didn't just do visits. We did as well sympatic activities  (bowling, partie, shopping) and we had all days time to spare. {#}

Sadly we were just arrived that we had to go back in Rennes, {#} but we go back in France with beautiful memories of this travel.                I hope that a day I could come back to Germany !!! {#}                


Blog de dnljbmax :Maximilien and JB's blog, Trip to Berlin

jeudi 09 mai 2013 15:19

My work experience

Blog de dnljbmax :Maximilien and JB's blog, My work experience

From february, 20th 2013 to february, 22nd 2013, I worked as a trainee in a company called SOCOTEC. Every morning, I arrived at about 9:00 a.m and I usually left at 6:00 p.m.

This firm is one of the 173 agency of SOCOTEC in France. The groupe SOCOTEC is a leader in his category (It's a company with jobs about the highway engineering). The SOCOTEC's main assets are:

- It's the best french society for the construction's        inspection                                                                                                 - SOCOTEC has in addition to more than 173 agency in France, also 27 training centres (80 000 trainees). SOCOTEC is as well present in 45 other countries (Libanon, Cameroon,Chona,Polynesia,Roumania, Togo ...)                                                                                                                 - The groupe has 100 000 customers around the world                                                                                                                                     - The group's values are: the solidarity, the confidence, the commitment, the impartiality and the competence

During my work placement, I had particulary to listen to a lot of people and I hadn't missions because the director didn't want that I go on a building site, because he said that:" it's too dangerous". But a day, the director was agree for that I see an asbestos' sample and all days, I help the secretary to open the letters.     

During the three days, I was the most of the time with different collegues of my tutor because in the company people have a lot of diffrents jobs. Thanks to them, I learned a lot of things.                                                        My work experience was a good experience for me because I discovered again new jobs and also the professional word.

But I don't know now if when I am older I would do one of these jobs.       JB                                    


vendredi 03 mai 2013 14:14

The Geneva exhibition


Today, I want to speak about the eighty-third Geneva exhibition. This meeting gathers new cars. There are a lot of supercars like Ferarri, Porsche, Mac Larren, Lamborghini and Audi but there are also smaller cars like Renault, Peugeot... Every year, this meeting welcomes around 700 000 peoples from Europe, principaly from France, Italy, Geermany and, of course, from Switzerland.

This year, the principal novelties are:

  -the Lamborghini Veneno produced in only three copies. It costs 3,5 millions euros {#} and the three copies are already sold. On this car, the top speed is 355 Km/h{#} and go from 0 to 100 Km/h in 3 seconds.

  -the Rolls Royce Wraith, a sports car. It costs around 250 000 euros, but inside, it's the top of the new technology. You can see in front of the car the famous statue "Spirit of Ecstay" like all other Rolls Royce. With this car, you can go to 300 Km/h (the record for a Rolls)!

I would like to go to this exhibition, but Geneva is too far from Rennes

      ...And a lot of new supercar on this video :


Blog de dnljbmax :Maximilien and JB's blog, The Geneva exhibition

lundi 11 mars 2013 21:51

My work expérience


For February 20th to 22nd, I had a work expérience in the restaurant LE SAISON. This restaurant is classify 1 star in Michelin guide 2013 since 2006. The heads of the restaurant are Mr. and Mrs. Etcheverry. I was in the kitchens the first day, indoor the second and third day. My master was Mrs. Etcheverry. This restaurant is one of the best restaurant in Brittany. This is the website of the restaurant:


Blog de dnljbmax :Maximilien and JB's blog, My work expérience

vendredi 08 mars 2013 11:58


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